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Where u guys come from? How come my post has ppl commenting but there's nothing inside their profile? who are you guys? Show Urself!!!!!!!!!!



Playful Sunday~

After suffer being lack of sleep for study purposes..
now im compensating myself being lack of sleep for Gaming purposes~ LoL.. Had a very nice Sunday.. After all.. Im free from the midterms..
a Presentation left ~ topic : "Sexual Harassment on the Workplace".. Interesting~

slept as much as i want..
played basketball..
played dragonica..
watched funny dramas..

Feel satisfied today~ well.. it feels good.. The satisfaction of having fun time after completing all the tasks.. This is life =)
Now i can sleep well~ "two is better than one" <--- Not necessary =D GooDnight~


hohohoho~ 因为我是不会看你脸色而写的~


没什么好写了~ "头痛"

In Memory of " "

LAst day jo.......................................... Gonna miss that ma bou like nvr miss someone else before~
Gv us a 5-10 years ba.. U will nvr erased from my mind until the moment i close my eyes and die.. The next time v meet, the first i will do is to call u "Uncle Loke" jo~ and im gonna gv u a big big hug.. =)
Do take care my fren.. remember u have us in M'sia.. Stay tough no matter what happened, V are here.. V are waiting~




3 连亚 xDDD

想对她说的话派不上用场~ 但谢谢你的支持~


Ahahaha~ 你们找到我吗?
好怀念a~ WellDone for letting these photos reflect in our mind again.. =) The scenes still very clear for me, i still remember the cheers~ =D Love u guys~